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We're always honored to receive a review or be featured in the press.

Longtime reader/listener John Gehan had this to say about us on our Facebook page:

"This is, bar none, the best Sherlock Holmes site on the internet. Scott and Burt do a wonderful job. If you are a Holmes fan then you should be on this site on a regular basis."

We've deflowered yet another... John Foster at the Sherlock Holmes Society of St. Charles:

"I am no longer a virgin thanks to Scott Monty and Burt Wolder..."

I shouldn't have been surprised at how professional the programs were. I felt I was listening to an NPR program or at the very least, a good sports chat program. Entertaining and a good pace. Informative and easy to listen to. The two hosts played well off of each other.
I will never forget my first time and look forward to doing it again. Thanks gentlemen, keep up the good work.

Review from Do Some Damage: An Inside Look at Crime Fiction

...it is the podcast itself that is so much fun. In fact, I find it essential listening. The two hosts are about as charming as you can find online. Scott Monty and Burt Wolder are steeped in the lore of the Canon and all the other paraphernalia surrounding Holmes and Watson, so much so that they often make funny, yet dry, jokes that insiders will laugh at and newbies will learn. There is a gentle quality to their voices that can soothe during a harsh rush hour but stimulate the brain as well. Their interviews cover the spectrum as well. There's a dropdown menu on the front page where you can see all the folks they've interviewed and go straight there. I always am pleased when I refresh my list of podcasts and see another one of their podcasts downloading. I load it on the iPod that very day and enjoy the listen."

"Where it is always 1895" from Pretty Podcasts

These podcasts are obviously very pleasant to listen to. To me, they really sound like a casual conversation between close friends who are fascinated by Sherlock Holmes. For those of you who have not been acquainted with Sherlock yet (are there any such people?), I strongly recommend listening to episodes 4 and 5, mentioned above. The authors explain there the phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes, advise where we should start our adventure with him and show how popular he is throughout the world. For me, it was very interesting to find out how many different societies and organisations devoted to Sherlock Holmes are there in the world and how do they function or how can we get into them.