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We recently discovered another Sherlock Holmes-related app on iTunes. You may recall the recent review we did on a previous app ("Now, That Shows Real Application" [STOC]), which was a modestly priced service that mapped Canonical locations to present-day London.

This new app by SuperMonko is a Sherlock Holmes quiz that challenges your knowledge of the great detective through four different levels of play. But be forewarned: the quiz doesn't only test what you know about the stories; there are references to film and television productions as well.

Despite a few misspellings and an occasionally vague wording of a question, we found the quiz to be a decent one. The most erudite Sherlockian should be able to answer most of the questions without much help, although there may be a few obscure or arcane items that only the truest devotee will know. The newbies will have enough to keep them interested without feeling ostracized, as the first level contains questions that are basic without being entirely vapid. For the $0.99 purchase price, it's a diversion that's well worth the investment.

You can get the app by clicking here Sherlock Holmes Quiz or by clicking on the image above.

If you do download the app to your iPhone or iPod touch, please drop a line and let us know what score you managed to achieve.